2022 Mass Arrival Flight Route

Updated July 18, 2022 14:00 EDT
2022 Route

For many weeks I have received emails requesting the GPS waypoints for our 2022 route. I was reluctant to distribute them due to revelations of autopilot use, lead turn usage, and complete dropping of waypoints when convenient. I mistakenly thought it was my responsibility to teach navigation or toughen up our skills. That is not my job. My primary responsibility is to create an environment conducive to a successful mass arrival. I momentarily lost that vision.

Enclosed is a Route Briefing that I feel will answer most if not all the questions you might have regarding our route. We will progress from KUNU to a waypoint called "Crossroad". We will then turn toward waypoint "Columbus" followed by a database point "EWAWI", waypoint "Burnet", waypoint "Waupun", database point "DONEI", database point "POBER" and then lastly KOSH. Take note of the waypoint format. Disregard any times or distances. The total route length will be 47 minutes for a fixed-gear and 39 minutes for the retracts.

Adherence to the brief will ensure success.

This presentation DOES NOT COUNT as our mission brief on Saturday the 23rd of July. As always, if you are not checked in by 11:00 am Central and seated for our mission brief at 12:00 Noon, you will be removed from the flight roster. I would like to suggest bringing your iPad® with software to the mission brief.

I would suggest reading this introduction, install the ForeFlight® route flight plan file, linked below, and then thoroughly review the Route Briefing PowerPoint® presentation. With all that done, the mission brief can pass last minute info and we can get you out to your plane.

Craig, Gil and myself are excited to see everyone in Juneau next week!

Blue Skies!


Mass Arrival Route Flight Plan File and Briefing Presentation

ForeFlight® Flight Plan File
ForeFlight® Flight Plan File
Route Briefing Presentation
Route Briefing Presentation
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