ELynn Schwartz in his Centurion leading a practice flight during the Wings Field formation training clinic on July 11th, 2009.
The Pirep
Before You Head Out to Juneau... Pirep No. 5-July 21, 2009
...we want to let you know a few things that will make your arrival and stay easier and more enjoyable. First of all, we want to say "Thank You!" for all your hard work, attending training clinics and making the extra effort to participate. When you get to Juneau, you'll be only 29 nautical miles away from your goal and the fun will be about to begin! As you have read on our website lately, exciting things are happening and those who participate in the Mass Arrival will have lots of goodies awaiting! The next thing we want to say is "Have a safe flight to Juneau!" Watch out for weather and TFR and plan ahead.

Our host at Juneau is Wisconsin Aviation. Their very able staff is headed up by Tim Bentheimer, assisted by Mary Casper. This is our fourth year at Dodge County Airport and the staff at Wisconsin Aviation has always been a great help.

When you arrive in Juneau, you will receive a personalized packet. It will contain a logo shirt for you and each of your registered passengers, name badge for you and each of your registered passengers, briefing cards, a schedule of events at Juneau and logistic information about the flight. This information will be discussed in detail during the mandatory preflight briefing at 12:00 Noon on Saturday. Remember, the brief is MANDATORY!

Dodge County Airport - KUNU
There are some things you need to know about the airport at Juneau. Aircraft parking can be at a premium and there are some cautions you should heed. Next are a series of Google Earth pictures that show the different parking areas and the FBO.

Picture 1 shows a wide view of the Dodge County Airport. The dirt road you see to the right is actually now the taxiway we use to reach the departure end of runway 8.

Click on the picture to see a larger image.
. Click on for a larger image.

Picture 2 Depicts a closer view of the ramp we use to park prior to launching for Oshkosh.

Click on the picture to see a larger image.
. Click on for a larger image.

Picture 3 shows the concrete parking and the grass to the North end of the concrete. If parking and setting up camp in the grass area to the North of the concrete. DO NOT BACK YOUR AIRCRAFT INTO THE GRASS! There will be guide persons to assist you in taxiing into and off of the grass area. Please do not taxi into the grass without an FBO guide person.

. Click on for a larger image.

The area within the red square in the above Picture 3 is where we set our tents and camp during the two to three days we spend at Dodge County Airport (KUNU) in Juneau. A port-a-potty will be available in the area to the right of the picture and full toilets are available in the main building. Two showers will be available for the use of all our campers. One is upstairs in the Wisconsin Aviation building and the other is in the main hangar. Bring your own soap and shampoo, this is not a hotel! LOL.

We are looking forward to meet all of you who are new to Cessnas 2 Oshkosh and to see again those of you who are returning.

Let the fun begin!

Schedule of Events

Thursday July 23
All Day Arrive at KUNU
Friday July 24
0700 - 0830 Morning Arrivals
0830 - 0900 Breakfast (Donuts) with Rodney
0900 - 1130 Classroom Ground Training
1130 - 1200 Break / Lunch
1200 - 1700 Formation Flight Practice
1700 -    ... Wisconsin Aviation Cookout
Saturday July 25
0700 - 1100 Morning Arrivals - Pilot Check-In
0700 - 0900 EAA Pancake Breakfast
1200 - 1300 Formation Flight Brief - Mandatory
1300 - 1400 Lunch / Pizza
1400 Launch for Oshkosh
After parking Post Arrival Briefing at Cessna Base Camp
After briefing Celebration at Cessna Base Camp
Enjoy your stay!
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The Pirep is the official newsletter of Cessnas 2 Oshkosh. It is a vehicle to keep all the participants in the Cessnas 2 Oshkosh 2009 Mass Arrival and our friends informed about the progress on our way to Oshkosh. In 2009, it will be published on the fifteenth of each month, with additional issues published as the need arises.
Final Report
The current number of pilots registered to fly the mass arrival who have paid the registration fee and confirmed participation in the event is fifty (50). These pilots are bringing sixty (60) passengers onboard. Eleven (11) pilots withdrew their registration in the last 4 weeks. This attrition rate of 18% was below the estimated 20%.

Twenty-three (23) states and one (1) Canadian province are represented. California leads with nine (9) aircraft followed by Michigan with five (5) aircraft; Kansas, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington with three (3) aircraft; Arkansas, Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Texas and Vermont with two (2) aircraft; Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Ontario trail with one (1) aircraft.

Among the aircraft, the Skylane (C182) leads the models with seventeen (17) aircraft, followed by the Skyhawk (C172) with fifteen (15), the Centurion (C210) with nine (9) aircraft, the Skywagon (C180/185) with three (3) aircraft, the Stationair (C205/206/207) and the C310 with two (2) aircraft each and ending with the Skymaster (C337) and Commuter (C150) with one (1) aircraft each.

We are very happy with these results. They show that positive thinking and hard work go a long way, especially in difficult times.

Our 2010 work is cutout for us.

Helpful Hints
Some of our pilots and friends have made some helpful suggestions and provided excellent tips that we want to pass along to all of you.

Do not forget...

The Cessnas 2 Oshkosh - FAA LOA

The 2009 AirVenture NOTAM

Tiedown Equipment

Three wooden planks,

Click on to see a larger image,
Click on this picture to see a larger image. made from 1/2" plywood, about 10" wide and a little over a foot long, to place under the airplane tires when parking in the North 40. You'll be able to pull the airplane out a lot easier when it's time to go, specially when it rains and the ground gets soft.

to collect autographs of famous people you meet.

Comfortable camp chairs.

Comfortable walking shoes.

Bug Spray.

Cell Phone Charger.

if you are on them, a week's supply.

CPA, EAA and AOPA Membership Cards

Still and Video Cameras

Batteries; D, AA, AAA.

Duct Tape

Water-resistant Poncho



Big Hat

Bandanna or something to cover the back of your neck.

Extra-dry Socks

Survival Guide
One of the best Oshkosh's survival guides ever published is a 2-part article written by Rich Durden and published by AVweb. You can access this article by following these links: Part I and Part II.
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